Humble Beginnings

When our family first opened gelateria in August 2006, we set a goal of bringing the most authentic Italian gelato back home to Chicago. We sought the help of none other than the Italian master gelato maker Palmiro Bruschi; under his tutelage we honed our flavors and processes until they were perfect.

Today, we serve over 75 different flavors of gelato using our own exclusive recipes developed from authentic old-world formulas.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, featuring half the fat in its cream based flavors, and no fat in its sorbets. As a denser product than ice cream it's capable of freezing at a warmer temperature. It prides itself on its smooth texture and intense flavor, as well as its versatility and presentation. Here at Gelati, we make all of our gelato and sorbets from scratch, in house!